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Service Cloud is a highly scalable platform that fits your current needs and grows as your customer base expands. The highly integrated platform enables customer service teams to run as efficiently as possible.

Service Cloud offers out-of-the-box usability which helps your team work more effectively. All the right functionalities keep your organization’s customer service process run smoothly. Service Cloud helps customer service teams in closing cases faster by leveraging AI & automation, offering intelligent self-service and personalized customer care and also predict needs to keep the conversation flowing. Service Cloud features allow customer service teams to support their customers in real-time using live chat tools while the customers are inside their app or on the website. TechIn experts always stay aligned with the latest trends and technologies in customer service.

Case Management

Cases allow customers to raise queries, complaints and problems to a businesses support team. They can be raised through a multitude of channels; phone, email, web forms, self-service communities, live chat and many social channels.

Cases can be raised, prioritized, escalated, assigned, categorized and collaborated on via Chatter feeds. Processes can be built to keep the customer informed at every point of the case journey.


Skills can be created and assigned to supports staff using Salesforce. These skills help case to be routed to supports staff with experience in that area.

Approval Processes

By designing approval processes, cases can be signed off to ensure the right solution is in place before closure.

Entitlements & Milestones

Used to implement a Service process and meet SLAs for customers Fields on the Case must be set to certain values for a milestone to be met. Milestones are the steps that the service agents must complete in order to resolve a Case. Entitlements Model support agents verify that Contacts / Accounts are eligible for support before they create Cases. With Entitlements & Service Contracts support agents verify that Contacts / Accounts are eligible for support before they create Case based on Service Contracts.

TechIn Support Team Objectives
Retain Customers
Resolve Issues
Maintain Minimum Touch Points
Be Available
Increase Brand Reputation
Field Service Lightning
Control and manage your workforce directly from Salesforce
Assign work as Work Orders to agents based on workload and optimised location
Work orders are integrated with Accounts, Contacts, Assets, Cases, Entitlements, and other objects so you can pull in data across Salesforce.
Manage and control jobs from a mobile device
Harness the power of Einstein for Image Recognition for parts association
Omni Channel
Intelligent routing of Salesforce objects to owners based on Priority and Capacity
Resources are pushed work items and can accept them to start work
Part of Service Cloud & Case Management
Live Agent chats can leverage this feature for routing
Working on top of Case Assignment Rules
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