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Technical Analysis

We provide full audit potential risks in platform limitations and security model of your CRM system. Companies in regulated industries have a higher level of compliance requirements that they need to meet in order to ensure data security, accountability, and transparency.

Our Audit expertise expands the field history tracking you get out of the box with Salesforce. It allows you to track a greater set of fields per object, for a longer period of time, and see who made changes to fields exactly when they happened. It also automates contract-sealed policies, which helps companies meet their compliance goals.

Salesforce Consulting

With our Salesforce consulting services, organizations have a greater chance of succeeding in hyper-com global market by utilizing state-of-the-art software at the forefront of industry best-practice. From interacting with potential customers to conducting marketing campaigns, and collecting customer data from multiple channels, an effective CRM system streamlines the business process and provides a 360-degree view of your prospects.

In this case to enjoy a better return on your Salesforce investment, proper knowledge of accurately relating Salesforce’s features to your business processes is important. A knowledgeable partner with experience of working in your industry and knowledge of best practices will be able to dive into your processes and connect technology to your business goals and your success.

Salesforce App Development and Integration

Consolidating your business tools on a single platform is very efficient and allows you to avoid complicated integrations to non-native software. We are able to provide you with efficient fully native Salesforce applications, which don’t require a complex integration to establish connectivity.

Instead, Salesforce’s structure enables native software to be linked automatically and native Salesforce applications share a common object model. You can leverage Salesforce Apps to mass update, integrate systems, report, customize, and more, all without spending extra time building from scratch.

Salesforce Customizations

If the standard functionality may not be enough for you to attract the maximum number of leads and make them your customers, you can easily include to your project TechInLab team consisting of licensed and certified salesforce developers and administrators. Only if Salesforce meets all the requirements of your business you can boost the system’s potential to the maximum.

. We aim to support every aspect of the software and product development, from conception to execution, making your CRM system flexible, cost-effective, easy to maintain, and quick to launch. Custom development on the platform is an advantage, allowing you to extend your productivity on every Salesforce Cloud.

Salesforce Migration

In comparison with other CRM systems Salesforce is more intuitive and gives the end users a 360° view of their workflow, providing the data they need faster and with less clicks. The new Lightning experience offers access to many amazing features to enhance the capability and productivity of any given business.

You can easily handle tasks like repetitive & complicated quoting, get discounted approval, generate new proposals, and even collect permission & signatures, without leaving CRM. TechInLab experts help along Salesforce Lightning as a powerful multi-tenant, next-generation platform that provides a consistent, modern user experience across any device.

Salesforce Maintenance and Support

The power of the Salesforce lies in its ability to extend the core platform with continuous support and improvements. Whether you want to build additional mobile apps, web apps, or apps that automate business processes from marketing to customer support, our team of developers is well versed in the technologies and processes needed to turn your vision into reality.

Salesforce maintenance and support services by TechInLab are designed to support all of your implementations in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, applications and related integrations. Our Salesforce Support packages include security management, object level configurations, Salesforce built-in automations, data management, reports, dashboards, other configurations items and much more for giving extra power to your CRM system.

Full Lifecycle Services

TechInLab experts help you define which business processes to improve, by setting up the correct configuration of the Salesforce platform. Furthermore, we provide effective full lifecycle approach with complex Salesforce development services and Salesforce solutions such as Salesforce administration, consulting, configuration, integration, product development, implementation, customization, training and support.

TechInLab engages for a successful delivery of every service package by ensuring top quality of the delivered solution and closely integrating it into every stage of a project.

TechIn Team


Working across industries, technologies and geographies, we design and scale innovative Salesforce solutions helping to accelerate your journey to new value and growth.


25 team members with 50+ certifications.


In-depth knowledge and experience in CRM, Cloud computing, and Salesforce solutions.


Documented process methodology for flawless communication and customer’s long-term success.

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